Dachshund Iron-on Patch, Embroidered Sausage Dog Motif Badge

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Embroidered Dachshund iron-on patch

Size: 50x34mm

Iron-on patches work well with denim, cotton, cotton and linen blends and not recommended to be used on silk, polyester, rayon, nylon and most stretchy synthetic fabrics.

Application process:

1. Heat up the iron (to the highest heat setting)
2. Position the patch with the adhesive side down onto your clothing at the place you want it to be.
3. To protect the patch and the surrounding garment fabric, cover them with a tea towel/pressing cloth.
4. Put the iron onto the patch, press it and move firmly over the patch for 1-2 minutes.
5. Remove the covering cloth and check if the patch sticks to the garment properly. You may need to repeat the previous step if the edges do not adhere well.
6. Allow the patch to cool completely prior to wearing the garment.

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